Evaluating the success of a new small business is subjective and depends on your individual goals and expectations. However, here are several key performance indicators that you can consider:

  1. Profitability: The most straightforward measure of success for a business is profitability. Are you making more money than you are spending? Over time, a successful business should become increasingly profitable.
  2. Sales Growth: Your sales should be increasing over time. This means you’re attracting new customers, and/or existing customers are buying more.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Happy customers are likely to become repeat customers. They can also spread the word about your business to others. Surveys, online reviews, and customer feedback can give you a sense of how satisfied your customers are.
  4. Customer Retention: If customers keep coming back to your business, it’s a good sign that they value what you offer.
  5. Market Share: If your business’s market share is growing, it indicates that you’re becoming more competitive in your industry.
  6. Reaching Your Goals: This is a more subjective measure, but it’s just as important. When you started your business, you probably had specific goals in mind. Reflect on these goals and whether you’ve been able to achieve them.
  7. Personal Satisfaction: Do you enjoy running your business? Do you feel fulfilled? Success isn’t just about money. If your business makes you happy, that’s a form of success.
  8. Employee Satisfaction: If you have employees, their satisfaction can also be an indicator of success. Happy employees are more productive and can contribute to a positive business culture.
  9. Positive Cash Flow: Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. If you consistently have more cash coming in from sales than going out for expenses, that’s a good sign.
  10. Sustainability: Can your business keep operating and growing in the long term? A sustainable business is a successful one.

Remember, success is subjective and what counts as success for one business owner might not for another. Also, success rarely happens overnight, so be patient with yourself and your business.

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