Pat Flynn is an entrepreneur who became successful primarily through online businesses, podcasting, and writing. Here’s a brief overview of his journey:

  1. Green Exam Academy: Flynn was laid off from his job as an architect in 2008, which led him to create a website called Green Exam Academy to help people pass the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification exam. He had created the website as a personal study tool, but soon realized the commercial potential it had. The website sold study guides and practice exams, which became his first profitable online business.
  2. Smart Passive Income: After the success of Green Exam Academy, Flynn founded Smart Passive Income (SPI) in 2008, a website and podcast where he shares his experiences and strategies related to online business and digital marketing. The SPI podcast has since become one of the most popular business podcasts and has been key in building Flynn’s online reputation. SPI generates revenue from affiliate marketing, sponsorships, online courses, and books.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: A significant portion of Flynn’s income comes from affiliate marketing, where he earns a commission for recommending products or services to his audience. He’s very transparent about his affiliate earnings, posting monthly income reports on the SPI website.
  4. Online Courses and Books: Flynn also sells online courses and has written several books about entrepreneurship and online businesses. His courses cover a range of topics like podcasting, affiliate marketing, and productivity. His books, such as “Will It Fly?” and “Superfans”, have also contributed to his wealth.
  5. Public Speaking: Flynn is a sought-after public speaker. He has spoken at many conferences and events about entrepreneurship, online businesses, and podcasting. While it’s not clear how much of his income comes from speaking engagements, it’s likely a part of his overall revenue.
  6. Other Ventures: Flynn is involved in several other businesses and ventures, such as the SwitchPod, a minimalist handheld tripod for vloggers and content creators that he co-developed and successfully crowdfunded.

Pat Flynn’s wealth is the result of diversification across multiple income streams, most of which are in the realm of online entrepreneurship. His consistent focus on providing value and transparency to his audience has helped him build trust and authority, which are key factors in his financial success.

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